My name is Ivan.

I'm Ivan - A wedding photographer based in Singapore. I'm a self-taught shutterbug with an eye for detail and earnest passion for all things photo-related, i.e. beautiful places, beautiful lighting, candids, and heartfelt moments. I take pride in my work because it empowers me to capture timeless memoirs that people hold dear to heart. No matter the capacity of the project, I am always bolstered with the same passion and dedication.

As a travel junkie, I find myself exploring different corners of the world to expand my horizon and get inspired for my next engagement. (you can follow my adventures here).

A photograph is more than a simple image - It is a moment embedded in time that lasts forever. I make it my priority to deliver my finest so that such moments will be here forever. Let's connect and produce awesome work together!

Just in case I can't get you through your email!